Pilot remodels 6 of its travel centers; adds Burrito Junction deli

Updated Aug 12, 2022
Ribbon cutting at Pilot travel center

 Pilot Company has completed the full remodeling of six of its travel centers as part of its New Horizons initiative.

 To commemorate the newly overhauled travel centers, Pilot Company teamed up with Monster to host a celebration with the Monster Girls and several giveaways at the site of the very first Pilot travel center in Corbin, Kentucky that originally opened in 1981. This historic travel center now features a modernized exterior and interior with remodeled restrooms and is home to another first for the company - its new Tex-Mex deli concept called Burrito Junction.

Pilot Company's chef and food innovation team spent two years testing and fine-tuning the "make it your way" Burrito Junction menu before its launch at the Pilot travel center in Corbin. The new deli concept is open 24/7 to serve guests at all hours and features everything from customizable breakfast burritos in the morning to a full choice menu of burritos, tacos, bowls, and quesadillas that can be personalized with house-made guacamole, queso, salsa and an array of toppings.

Several more of Pilot Company's travel centers finished top-to-bottom remodels, incorporating feedback from professional drivers and guests to add more fresh food options and upgrade the overall store experience. In addition to overhauling the exterior and interior of each location, key improvements include:

  • Bakersfield, California: New kitchen for team members to prepare an expanded menu of fresh food, updated laundry facilities, and newly added quick-serve restaurant brands
  • Battle Creek, Michigan: Newly added deli with grab-and-go options for made-in-house hot and cold foods, expanded beverage selection, and updated check-out area
  • Cartersville, Georgia: Enhanced deli with grab-and-go options for hot and cold foods, expanded beverage selection, and fully remodeled Subway
  • Corbin, Kentucky: Upgraded deli with additional grab-and-go items, four new self-checkouts, and all-new Burrito Junction deli concept
  • Phoenix, Arizona: Upgraded deli with additional grab-and-go items, expanded beverage selection, and four new self-checkouts
  • Staunton, Virginia: New kitchen for team members to prepare an expanded menu of fresh food and grab-and-go cold items, expanded beverage selection, four new self-checkouts, and full remodeled Arby's

The three-year New Horizons project marks the company's most significant investment in store modernization to date, according to a statement from the company. It will fully remodel more than 400 Pilot and Flying J travel centers and make additional upgrades at several more locations across the country.

As part of the New Horizons initiative and in honor of its long history of giving back, Pilot Company is donating a combined $70,000 to the local school districts in these six communities to support of STEM, technology, and career development programs.