How has your 2023 been? How do you think your 2024 is going to be?

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Updated Dec 27, 2023
2023 and 2024 painted on highway with yellow stripes

By almost all measures, 2023 has been a difficult year for the American trucking industry, and by extension, its drivers. And, that may be one of the bigger understatements of this tumultuous year that included:

  • soaring -- until recently -- prices for diesel
  • staggeringly large increases in cargo theft and freight fraud
  • a worrisome "freight recession" that meant fewer loads for many drivers
  • the collapse of Yellow, a venerable carrier that laid off some 30,000 workers including 22,000 drivers
  • a flurry or mergers and acquisitions
  • hundreds of revocations of authorities of small operations
  • a continued shortage of truck parking spaces, especially along major freight corridors and in major metropolitan areas

That's a pretty potent mix of issues for an industry that remains beset by the post-pandemic blues.

But, how have things been for you, the professional driver, logging miles and trying to make your deliveries on time while on the road and making ends meet at home? What sort of year has 2023 been for you? And, how does the new year look? What's your outlook for 2024?

Take our two brief polls so we can find out how drivers feel this time of year.

Thanks, and use the comments section below to elaborate on your answers.