Darrell Hopkins named president of Prime Inc.; joined company in 1994

Prime Inc. tractor-trailer
Prime Inc.

Darrel HopkinsDarrel HopkinsPrime Inc.Prime Inc.’s founder and CEO, Robert Low, today announced Darrel Hopkins will assume the role of president of the company. Low will remain CEO of the company.

Hopkins joined Prime in December of 1994. His primary function at Prime was the management and expansion of Success Leasing, Inc. In so doing, he oversaw the delivery of trucks to Success Leasing and the leasing of each truck to operators.

He also was the company’s controller and managed financial reporting, budgeting, and internal controls.

Hopkins received his MBA from the University of Kansas and is a certified public accountant.

As president, Hopkins will oversee the administration of Prime Inc. and some of the company’s ancillary businesses. Low will oversee all trucking operations at Prime Inc.

Located in Springfield, Missouri, Prime Inc. is a major provider of refrigerated, flatbed, tanker, intermodal, hopper, and logistics services throughout North America.