Daylight Saving Time begins Sunday; set your clocks ahead one hour

Updated Mar 8, 2024
Daylight Saving Time reminder

Love it or loathe it, Daylight Saving Time returns this weekend.

Residents in almost all of the U.S. will set their clocks ahead by one hour Sunday, March 10.  Though the practical souls among us will do it before going to bed Saturday, March 9.

Residents of most of Arizona and Hawaii will not spring forward with the rest of us. However, the Navajo Nation, which is located in parts of Arizona, Utah, and New Mexico, follows Daylight Saving Time.

For truckers, most of their truck's electronics and personal digital gear will automatically adjust for the time change; but, be sure to double-check.

However, the same might not be said of the driver. The loss of an hour may disrupt their sleep pattern, which could lead to drowsiness while driving.

It also makes sense to double-check with shippers and receivers to ensure delivery times take the time change into account.

There have been attempts to make Daylight Saving Time permanent year-round. However, the legislation failed in Congress in 2022 and 2023.