TravelCenters of America announces efforts to improve safety

Updated Mar 12, 2024
Susie De Ridder, professional driver, member of Women’s Safety Advisory Panel and TA Citizen Driver Award Winner
Susie De Ridder, professional driver, member of Women’s Safety Advisory Panel and TA Citizen Driver Award Winner
TravelCenters of America

Recognizing that women make up approximately 12% of professional drivers and 43% of its workforce, TravelCenters of America is honoring International Women’s Day by announcing initiatives aimed at elevating site safety for its guests and team members. This year’s International Women’s Day campaign theme is “Inspire Inclusion,” and TA’s new initiatives focus on understanding and valuing women’s experiences and viewpoints, in an effort to create positive industry change.  

TA has launched a Women’s Safety Advisory Group which brings together professional drivers and members of the trucking industry to discuss topics regarding even safer TA, Petro or TA Express travel centers and services. While the advisory group specifically focuses on female perspectives, any feedback and information received will be used to create safer sites for all guests and team members, regardless of gender.

TA also announced that in late spring, Retail Operations Support Vice President, Debbie Shelton, will embark on an over-the-road trip alongside Violet Helferich from ACE Doran Hauling & Rigging Co., a division of the Bennett Family of Companies. The journey will span a week, taking Debbie and Violet from Oklahoma City to Brandon, South Dakota to load freight, and then onwards to a wind farm in the southern U.S. During this immersive experience, TA said Shelton aims to gain firsthand insights into the daily challenges and experiences of female professional drivers.

“Our sites serve as a home away from home for the millions of professional drivers in our nation and we are committed to ensuring they feel as safe and secure while visiting us as they do in their own home,” said Debi Boffa, CEO of TA. “Safety is our top priority, and we look forward to learning how we can foster an even safer environment for all travelers and our team members, regardless of gender.”

TA plans to provide regular updates on progress related to the Women’s Safety Advisory Group and other site safety initiatives.