PrePass Safety Alliance adds weigh station bypass option in four states

Updated Mar 22, 2024
Prepass sign
Prepass Safety Alliance

PrePass Safety Alliance recently announced the expansion of its PrePass weigh station bypass system into four new states and the addition of 116 new sites to its network. 

PrePass enrolled trucks will have the opportunity to bypass over 75 sites in Rhode Island, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, and Massachusetts. Additionally, the alliance is deploying 40 new sites in the current PrePass states of Michigan, Texas, California, Iowa, South Carolina, Utah, Wyoming, Mississippi, and North Carolina. With these additions, the PrePass network now spans over 550 sites in 44 states.

"Our expansion into these four new states and the addition of 116 new sites underscore the alliance mission to enhance the safe and efficient movement of freight on America’s highways," said Mark Doughty, president and CEO of PrePass Safety Alliance. "But this is only the beginning. Expect further announcements regarding new states and enhancements to our services as we strive to provide our customers with innovative solutions that streamline their operations and help them maximize their time on the road."

PrePass weigh station bypass service rewards safe, qualified fleets with the opportunity to bypass weigh stations and ports of entry, saving them time, money, and fuel. PrePass toll payment and management services simplify tolling for fleets.

To leverage the new bypass sites, fleets will need to equip their trucks with the recently updated PrePass app. The PrePass app unlocks access to over 20 percent more bypass locations and delivers real-time driver safety ALERTS, including work zones, dangerous slowdowns, hazardous weather conditions, available parking slots, and many more.