$30,000 in snow crabs stolen in Philadelphia; driver beaten by crooks

Empty trailer

In the latest cargo theft in Philadelphia, a trucker was beaten when he attempted to stop the crooks who wound up making off with $30,000 worth of frozen snow crabs.

The theft occurred Friday, April 19, in the late afternoon while the truck was parked at the loading dock of the Walmart in the Philadelphia Mills Shopping Center in North Philadelphia.

The driver was asleep in the truck but was alerted by the trailer's security system when the thieves broke in. Reports say 12 suspects managed to unload almost 100 boxes of frozen crabs, and beat the driver when he tried to stop them. The driver's injuries were treated at the scene.

This is just the latest cargo theft to occur in Philadelphia.

Just before this heist, thieves stole $12,000 worth of pork from a truck. In March crooks made off with bourbon and frozen seafood, and in January cargo thieves took $20,000 meat from a parked tractor-trailer.