PennDOT sign warns truckers of speed on Route 74's 8% downhill grade

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Pennsylvania Department of Transportation

The Pennsylvania Department of Transportation (PennDOT) has placed a radar-controlled speed display board specifically aimed at heavy-duty trucks on Route 74 in Turbett Township, Juniata County northwest of Harrisburg. PennDOT said the sign is intended to remind truck drivers to obey the posted speed limit on a section of road that has a significant down-hill grade and sharp turns.

The board faces northbound traffic on Route 74 near the Juniata/Perry County line where the truck speed limit is reduced to 20 miles per hour. This portion of Route 74 has an 8 percent grade running downhill in the northbound lane for two miles, with numerous switchbacks and sharp curves. Other existing signage warns truck drivers to reduce their gear, and to remain in a reduced gear, with recommended speeds for some turns along this stretch posted at as low as 15 miles per hour.

The speed display board utilizes radar to determine the speeds of oncoming traffic and posts them to the lighted section of the sign, reminding drivers of their current speed and to remain at or below the posted speed limit.

The board will remain in this location for four to six weeks.