Nutritious Life website like having wellness partner on the road

September 12, 2017
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Keri Glassman, Owner of the Nutritious Life Website

Keri Glassman

Often when you’re trying to lose wight, exercise more, or reach another personal wellness goal, it helps to have a friend, spouse or other family member helping you along.

As a truck driver on the road for much of your life — including many meal times and when you could be working out —  you’re not likely to have that weight loss and exercise buddy along for the ride.

Enter Kari Glassman and her Nutritious Life website.

Glassman is a nutritionist who has developed a free health and wellness app and even a healthy snack bar, the KeriBar. Her website features a blog that offers information on beverages, healthy eating, taking care of one’s self, exercise, reducing stress and even improving your sex life. The Nutritious Life website also offers a variety of healthy recipes.

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