Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming waive regs for propane haulers

Updated Jan 25, 2023
Blue flame of a gas burner

Governors in Nevada, South Dakota and Wyoming each recently issued emergency declarations related to propane shortages, waiving hours of service regulations for drivers hauling propane.

Nevada Gov. Joe Lombardo issued a proclamation Jan. 23 waiving Part 395.3 (maximum driving time) of the hours of service regulations through Feb. 1 due to Nevada continuing “to suffer from a propane shortage which impacts the ability for people and businesses to heat homes and power essential government and business equipment.” The proclamation added that “extreme weather conditions are anticipated to continue, and Nevada’s propane shortage remains critically low.”

South Dakota Gov. Kristi Noem’s declaration waived Part 390-399 of the federal regulations through Feb. 18. “Drivers of propane transport vehicles are required to deliver propane necessary to maintain the supply of this product in order to enable the people of South Dakota to continue normal heating functions,” the declaration stated.

Finally, Wyoming Gov. Mark Gordon issued a declaration Jan. 20, effective through Feb. 19, that waives Part 395.3 of the regs. Gordon said Wyoming citizens “are faced with low supplies of propane with which to heat their homes and businesses.”