4 free apps to help you take better phone pictures

Truckers get to see more of the U.S. than most people, and sometimes you may want to capture the beautiful images you see along the way.

Your smartphone’s camera is equipped with features to help you take good snapshots, but these free apps provide more functions, filters and tools so you’re able to get even better images.

1. Bubbli (Free, iOS)

Bubbli takes spherical photos to create the experience of the viewer actually being where the image is being taken. It stitches together images that you take to create a bubble image of the area, reproducing the scene of where you were at the time the image was taken. You can share it across your social media platforms or organize them into albums.

2. Boomerang from Instagram (Free, iOS and Android)

Boomerang, created by Instagram, creates mini videos which loop back and forth. It creates a gif-like affect, using a burst of photos and then putting them together into a mini video. Boomerang automatically saves the images to your camera roll.

3. VSCO (Free, iOS and Android)

VSCO is an editing app that lets you shoot and edit images based on several presets and editing tools. You can lighten, crop, adjust saturation, add filters and use other tools to enhance your photos.

4. Adobe Photoshop Express (Free, iOS and Android)

Now you can bring the power of Adobe Photoshop to your phone. This app has all of the standard Photoshop editing functions, plus blemish removal, auto-fix one touch adjustment, border options and other ways to improve your photos. Numerous in-app purchases available.