Three quick rice dishes to make in a slow cooker

riceRice is one of the most versatile ingredients out there and a great staple item to keep on the truck. These rice dishes can be made in your slow cooker for a nice, fulfilling meal.

1. Spanish Rice

Spanish rice is an easy classic you can break out when you aren’t sure what to make. This recipe cooks in about two to three and a half hours, depending on how you prefer your rice-to-liquid ratio.

2. Chicken Rice Casserole

Basmati rice is the base of this quick slow cooker casserole recipe. It preps in about 10 minutes, cooks in two and a half hours and yields six servings.

3. Chicken Wild Rice Soup 

Rice works as a main ingredient, as well, instead of just being a standard side dish. This creamy recipe is a warm recipe to try when you’re heading through colder weather for a pick-me-up.