Moms on the road get help and advice from 3 websites

Being a mom isn’t easy. Neither is being a truck driver.

But, being a mom who drives truck for a living may make most people exclaim, “You do what?”

Moms on the road can get help and advice on variety of topics online.Moms on the road can get help and advice on variety of topics online.

Fortunately, there are some online tools that can help you be a four-star mom at home or while on the road. They include:

Common Sense Media

Kids, like the rest of us, are exposed to a flood of media every day. Even the most conscientious moms have difficulty keeping up with all of the books, movies, games, television programs, websites and apps aimed at kids. This website provides information to help separate the good for the questionable in a variety of ways. For example, Common Sense Media rates movies based on the age of children, but also by types of movies and/or subject matter: Movies With Strong Female Characters, Best Teen Movies, Food Movies, Movies That Inspire Kids to Change the World. More than that, the website also provides parents with media advice (“What’s the right age to get my kid a cell phone?”) and other articles (“The Kid YouTube Stars Your Kids Love”).

Two Peds in a Pod

Drs. Naline Lai and Julie Kardos are pediatricians who write a blog for parents. They cover all aspects of health for children. They say, “Our goal is to educate, encourage, and entertain as we provide general pediatric advice.” While they warn that they’re not a substitute for having your child see a health care provider, they do offer insights, symptoms to look for and advice on a variety of topics. The site’s content ranges from practical articles as diverse as “How to tell if your child’s back pack is too heavy” to “How to adjust your child’s sleep schedule for school” to “Bye-bye binkie: Weaning the pacifier”. Lai and Kardos also offer insights on specific ailments: treating a cold, what’s a fever and what’s not, sore throat relief and summertime ear pain. Two Peds in a Pod may be just the online resource you need when you’re driving and have a child at home.

  Wealthy Single Mommy

Emma Johnson says of herself, “I’m a single mom. I’m a bunch of other things, too. I’m a mom-mom. I’m a writer, journalist, business owner, small-town Midwesterner, New Yorker, world traveler, homebody, cook, friend, neighbor and woman. … Some days I’m sure I’m the worst mom in the world, but my kids are so awesome, I must be doing something right.” With that sort of background, Johnson blogs about personal finance for single moms, relationships and parenting in general. She also offers several courses to help single moms thrive. There’s also a podcast.