Driver donates kidney to help coworker’s husband

It’s not unusual for coworkers to help out one another; it happens all the time, especially among truck drivers.

But, helping save the life of a fellow employee’s husband is worthy of note.

Carol Nixon did just that for Deb Pollard.

Walmart driver and kidney donor Carol NixonWalmart driver and kidney donor Carol Nixon

While the two Walmart drivers attended a Women In Trucking conference in 2015, Nixon found out Pollard’s husband Craig was on dialysis and in need of a kidney transplant. Nixon offered to help.

After a series of tests to find out if they were a match, Nixon decided to donate a kidney even if Craig Pollard couldn’t be the recipient. Doing so helped improve Pollard’s chances of getting a transplant. But, after three weeks of waiting, they learned Nixon and Craig Pollard were a match and the surgery could proceed.

In November 2016, they underwent surgery with no complications. Both are doing well.

“What can you say? Thank you is not enough. She saved Craig’s life. She saved my husband’s life,” said Deb Pollard of Nixon.

 “As we found out about this as fellow associates, I don’t think any of us were shocked. She (Carol) is someone that is known to put others ahead of herself,” said Rick Aurit, Walmart regional transportation manager.