SuperTracker your online ‘fitness buddy’


Much is said and written about the importance of having a support system to help you achieve your wellness goals. But, having a “fitness buddy” on the road is not always possible.

Is this how your plate looks?Is this how your plate looks?

If you have a smartphone or tablet and a decent wifi connection, help is close as a couple of clicks. And, oddly, that help comes from the federal government.

The Food and Drug Administration’s website includes SuperTracker. While it may not be one of the Marvel comics heroes, SuperTracker might be just the help you need.

The website offers numerous options, and starts with you creating a profile, which helps tailor tour personalized eating and exercise plans. Then, you can make the most of the six options SuperTracker offers:

  • Food Tracker helps you keep tabs on what you eat and how much
  • Physical Activity Tracker does the same thing for how you exercise
  • It lets you choose My Top 5 Goals
  • Has a way to keep track of your weight
  • Lets you participate in group challenges
  • Food-A-Pedia provides all the nutritional information you need on the foods you eat

Food-A-Pedia allows you to look up some 8,000 food items and do a side-by-side comparisons. For example, you could look up a small order of fast food french fries (265 calories and 179 milligrams of salt) and compare it to, say, an apple (72 calories and 1 milligram of salt).