Effort wants to demystify breast cancer


Orange is the new pink, according to an organization whose goal is to help women overcome any fear they may have about breast cancer testing and treatment.

Breast CancerTake The Fright Out of Breast Cancer is a campaign by Breastcancer.org to use Halloween “to replace the fear of breast cancer with knowledge that will help women reduce their risk of the disease or its recurrence and learn what they need to know about early detection and testing options.”

The organization is urging people to stage events to raise awareness and also raise funds to help it expand its reach and support to women who have or are worried about breast cancer. It suggests individuals hold an office bake sale, a Halloween-themed ladies night out, or raising funds at a fall festival; anything that also helps demystify breast cancer testing and treatment.

“In my opinion, being diagnosed with breast cancer is one of every woman’s greatest fears. And as a breast oncologist and breast cancer survivor, I also know the fear of cancer coming back is always there,” said Marisa Weiss, M.D., founder and chief medical officer, on the Breastcancer.org’s website. “Far too often, women miss the opportunity for potentially life-saving treatments because they fear going to the doctor, ignore a lump, or avoid getting an annual mammogram.”

The organization also urges women to share the facts about breast cancer with others.