App helps you in emergency, provides vital details


Being on the road alone can, at times, leave you especially vulnerable should you have an emergency.

The SOS QR app can be the help you need in such a situation.  Available for Android and iOS smartphones,  the app features one-touch SOS and OK buttons to let your emergency contacts know you are in need of help, or are ok. It delivers your GPS location, and an emergency record attached to a personal QR code gives emergency responders access to your health information.

The app lets you include a variety of information including:

  • any life threatening allergies you may have
  • medications you take
  • immunizations you’ve had
  • existing medical conditions
  • your emergency contact information.

According to the app’s developers, when an emergency record is created, the app generates a QR code unique to you, which can be saved on the phone lock screen for immediate access by emergency responders.

In an emergency, first responders can scan the code and quickly see your pertinent health information. In addition, when the QR code is scanned, SOS QR sends email alerts to your listed contacts, with a map with the location of the emergency.

The SOS button lets you quickly reach your emergency contacts. When the button is tapped, the app dials your designated primary emergency contact, and sends editable text messages to all of your emergency contacts with the GPS location of the emergency. The OK button lets your emergency contacts know you are ok, if your situation changes and you no longer need help.

Some features require in-app purchases.