What to do when you’re feeling anxious


Even the most experienced driver can, at times, feel a bit anxious while on the road. It may come from highway congestion, driving through bad weather, problems at the shipper’s or receiver’s, a last minute change in your route, the list goes on and on for the typical trucker. It can multiply if you’re a mom on the road with family at home in need of your attention.

So, when you have a break or take time for a meal or even at the end of your driving day, there are some things — mostly all pretty simple — you can do to help relieve that feeling of anxiety that may have built up during your long hours on the road. In fact, these are some things you can do while you wait to load or unload that will pay dividends as you look to recover your calm.

What do you do to “settle down” when you begin to feel anxious on the road? Use the comments section below to share your tips.

10 Proven Ways To Help Keep Calm Under Pressure

Image via: 10 Proven Ways To Help Keep Calm Under Pressure