Spray protects your feet when wearing high heels


We doubt that your pre-trip includes checking out the condition of the high heels you’ll be wearing for the day’s driving. That’s just as well.

However, there will be times when you’re home and out of the truck and may need to dress up a bit. That means going to the closet for a pair of heels.  And, we can pretty well guess they don’t fit you the same as the sneakers or boots you wear while driving.

But, putting on heels does not mean also putting up with discomfort and even blisters, especially if they are new shoes. PreHeels blister prevention is a spray on guard that protects your feet when wearing high heels or even putting on new shoes.

Here’s what you do, according to the company:

Make sure feet are clean and dry before application. Shake well and spray 3 inches away to even coat skin where shoes rub. Allow coating to dry for 90 seconds and add a second coat if desired. Allow feet to dry completely before placing on shoes.

PreHeels is available online for $15.