Get a closer look at British ‘lorry ladies’


“When most of us picture a typical trucker, we think of a big, beefy man — not a friendly, smiling woman in her twenties with pink dream catchers hanging from the ceiling of the cab and the slogan “Queen of the Road” emblazoned on the front of her lorry.

“But the haulage industry is changing — and a growing number of women … (are) buckling themselves in and joining the big-rig business.”

That’s the opening of an article in the British newspaper The Sun about so-called “lorry ladies”, known here in the states as female truck drivers. Lorry Ladies is also a program on the BBC about Britain’s female truckers.

The Sun’s article covers a lot of ground including the fact that the U.K. trails the U.S. in hiring women drivers. Just one percent — about 3,000 women — drive trucks across the pond.

Read The Sun’s complete article on “lorry ladies.”