For Halloween: Top horror films of the last 50 years


Life as a trucker, for some, can be scary enough. Shivers of terror can come from four-wheelers with no sense of direction, having to find safe parking with just minutes left on your ELD and having to chain up as the wind blows and the snow falls at midnight.

Still, there is something about Halloween that makes us want to scare ourselves intentionally with a horror movie.

To help you out this Halloween, here’s our list of classic horror movies from throughout the last 50 years or more.

So, park your truck, get some snacks, pull the covers up in your bunk and get ready to be scared.

The 1960s: This was an era rich with horror films, including some classics. 

The 1970s: Films from this decade include some that spawned sequels that we still watch.

The 1980s: This decade delivered several of what may be definitive horror films.

The 1990s: A film by which all other psychological thrillers are measured came from this decade … and fava beans would never be the same.

The 2000s: Moviemaking technology advances helped make horror films even more horrific.

The 2010s: These are some of the films that have been scaring us in recent years up to today.