Chef says you needn’t settle for plain ramen noodles


There are times when grabbing a package of ramen noodles from a truck stop or convenience store can be especially tempting. They are:

  • inexpensive: sometimes as little as 29 cents for a package.
  • quick to make: important if you are pressed for time and what trucker isn’t?
  • easy to make: add boiling water and stir, add a flavor packet and eat.
  • filling: one packet makes two servings, but most people eat it all themselves.

However, the kind you buy on the road are usually loaded with salt; almost 1,000 milligrams for some brands.

Pro pastry chef Claire Saffitz shows you how to pump up your ramen on the road or at home. Saffitz has a slew of videos that may help you become less hungry.