Get a moist heat paraffin wax treatment in your truck


Winter can do a number on your hands and feet. Even wearing warm gloves and boots cannot fully protect you from dry skin, which can itch, crack and be painful.

But, you can fight back, and it won’t require a trip to the spa, as enticing as that sounds.

Parasilk is a warm paraffin wax treatment for hands and feet that you can use in your truck while on a break, while waiting to load/unload or when your done driving for the day. All you have to do is warm the glove, mitten or bootie in the microwave and slip it on. The 15-minute moist heat treatment will soothe your skin and also help relax tired muscles an ease joint pain.

Each pair of Parasilk glove, mitten or bootie can be used four times, according to the company. A pair of gloves, mittens or booties is $32.95. They are available online.