Emergency kit loaded with tools for your safety

emergency kit-1-sd

May you spend the $23.99 for this emergency kit and never have to use it.

But, if you do find yourself on the road and in need of gear to keep you safe, secure and even signal for help, this small kit may save the day. Packed with 13 tools, the kit is designed for outdoor adventures, but will also come in handy in many OTR situations.

Emergency Kit 2 SdThe kit includes:

  • wire saw
  • pen
  • flashlight
  • jackknife
  • paracord
  • compass
  • emergency whistle
  • 11-function credit card tool
  • bottle clip
  • emergency blanket
  • fire-starting flint

All of this comes in a 6.5″ x 5″ hard-shell case and can store easily in your truck’s glove compartment or door pocket.

Available online.