Drivers fear bringing COVID-19 home to family, friends


Truck drivers say that while they feel safe driving during the ongoing COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic, they are concerned about their personal health and the health of others.

An online survey by the Professional Driver Agency shows the COVID-19 outbreak has created personal and economic challenges for some drivers. The survey found 72% of drivers were concerned about bringing home the virus to family and friends. Of the drivers concerned about exposing their family to COVID-19, 42% said they were staying out on the road longer instead of taking home time.

Over 60% of drivers said they feel safe driving during the COVID-19 pandemic, but nearly 45% said they were concerned about their personal health.

When asked what could be done differently to make drivers feel safer on the road, nearly 54% of drivers wanted more access to personal protective equipment, and half felt they needed safer accessibility to food and drink while on the road. The survey also showed 49% of drivers said that access to amenities (food, showers, parking) on the road was one of their biggest concerns.

Results of the entire survey can be found online.