AfterShockz: Alternative to in- or on-ear mobile audio

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You don’t need to have earphones over your ears or earbuds in them to ensure superior sound quality for hearing phone calls or music.

AfterShockz Titanium headphonesAfterShockz Titanium headphones

AfterShockz Titanium delivers excellent sound with bone conduction technology. This means this headset’s transducers send mini vibrations through your cheekbones directly to your inner ear, according to the company. It also means your ears are open to the sounds around you.

AfterShockz Titanium comes in two sizes and are designed to wrap around the back of your neck and rest just in front of your ears. They also have:

  • Bluetooth 4.1 wireless connectivity
  • six-hour battery life
  • IP55 water-resistance
  • multi-point Bluetooth pairing
  • a choice of two sizes, including mini-size

Available online and at travel centers, AfterShockz Titanium cost about $80.