Scrubblades offer serious windshield cleaning

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Any product — no matter what it is or does — that boasts it will “annihilate, obliterate, eliminate and liquidate” must be serious about its performance.

It’s obvious the Scrubblade line of windshield wiper blades is as serious as it gets because it says its Heavy Duty and Platinum blades will do just that to rain, snow, dirt, bugs, and general road filth. The company says it annihilates, obliterates, etc. because its replacement wiper blades feature patented scrubbing technology.

Scrubblades LogoScrubblades come in two models: Heavy Duty and Platinum. Both feature a low-profile design to prevent wind lift and both feature graphite-coated blades that help eliminate dirt and smearing. Both fit 97% of the vehicles on the road today, according to the company.

The Heavy Duty Scrubblades have a steel frame and come in sizes from 11 inches to 28 inches.

The Platinum Scrubblades have a rubber-coated frame and are available in sizes from 14 inches to 28 inches.

Scrubblades also offers tablets you can use to make your own windshield washer fluid. Just dissolve one of the tablets in a gallon of water and you’re good to go.

Scrubblades are available at most travel centers, and you can visit their website to find the blade that fits your vehicle.