Small fleets best driver announced at conference

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Question: Who has 594 years of truck driving experience and has driven more than 53,345,000 miles?

Answer: The 19 professional drivers nominated to the National Association of Small Trucking Companies list of America’s Best Drivers.

They will be honored and one named Driver of the Year when the NASTC convenes for its annual conference Nov. 19 to 21 at the Omni Hotel in Nashville.

The list includes:

  • Brent Miller, Brent Miller Trucking
  • Deb LaBree, Castle Transport
  • Ron Hershberger, Cowen Truck Line
  • Dannel Weaver, D. Weaver Trucking
  • Daniel Herman, Gold Standard Transportation
  • Charlie Hood, Kisatchie Midnight Express
  • Ryan Marstiller, MOD Trucking
  • Jesse Wilbanks, Palindrome Express
  • James Tomey, Paul Watts Trucking
  • Doug Summers, Philip Sims Trucking
  • Donald Pinner, Pinners Trucking
  • Richard D. Simmons, Rogers Transport
  • Richard Seyfang, Seyfang Associates Corporation
  • Richard Rockwell, Spitale Co.
  • Vincent Strupp, Spoerl Trucking
  •  Jim Tomlinson, Store and Haul
  • Ernest Fountain IV, Triple D Express, Inc.
  • Cornelius Greene, Waletich Corporation
  • Timothy Prow, Xtreme Trucking