Schneider driver, trainer named latest ambassador for Women in Trucking

Updated Aug 24, 2022
Woman truck driver KayLeigh McCall
KayLeigh McCall

KayLeigh McCall, a driver and training engineer at Schneider, has been selected as the Women in Trucking Association’s newest Driver Ambassador. 

“Being selected as Schneider’s Women in Trucking ambassador provides an opportunity for me to spread the message that women can and will continue to be successful in the industry,” said McCall. “I’m honored to serve in this role to emphasize that it is possible for all generations of women – new to this profession, and those who have been in the industry for a while, mothers, wives, caretakers – to acquire the hard-earned skills necessary and lead a fulfilling career in trucking.” 

In her ambassador role, McCall will lead and organize efforts to empower and connect women across the trucking industry, as well as assist in developing and sharing various resources available including career services, mentorship, trainings and scholarships. In addition to her roles and responsibilities at Schneider and as WIT’s newest Driver Ambassador, McCall is a wife and mother of four. 

“We are thrilled to have KayLeigh McCall as our new Driver Ambassador,” said WIT’s President and Chief Executive Officer Ellen Voie. “Not only will she represent WIT and Schneider, she will be a visible spokeswoman for all female professional drivers today and in the future.” 

Previously, McCall worked as a pastry chef, earning her Class A CDL in 2017 and driving a mixer truck for a construction company before joining Schneider in 2020. McCall discovered a passion for truck driving and said she feels empowered in her role as a woman driver and trainer.

“KayLeigh is a phenomenal example of what we strive for every day here at Schneider – fostering an environment where our associates can develop their unlimited potential and make a real difference for themselves, our customers and for the betterment of the industry as a whole,” said Schneider President and CEO Mark Rourke. “We’re so proud of KayLeigh and look forward to seeing all she accomplishes as WIT’s Driver Ambassador.” 

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 “For those looking to join the industry, my best piece of advice is to just do it, you won’t know until you try,” said McCall. “Schneider has provided an inclusive culture and platform of growth for my career, and I look forward to sharing my knowledge and empowering other women to join me.”