331-foot-long super load headed to Colorado


If you’re driving to or through Colorado later this week, be on the lookout for a mammoth super load. A slug catcher for natural gas lines manufactured by Eaton Metal Products in Pocatello, Idaho is headed to Ft. Lupton, Colorado. Here are the particulars, according to the Wyoming Highway Patrol’s Facebook page:

  • total gross vehicle weight of 1,083,000 pounds
  • tank weighs 644,000 pounds
  • trailer has 22 axles with a total of 176 tires
  •  one pull truck with two push trucks
  • 331 feet long
  • 20 feet wide
  • 19’3” high

The third super load is at the Kemmerer Port of Entry in Wyoming awaiting final clearance and should be traveling through to Colorado for the remainder of the week.