Kenworth shows off 50 new, classic trucks in hometown parade

Kenworth truck in parade

The Kenworth Class 8 truck assembly plant in Chillicothe, Ohio recently hosted its inaugural Kenworth truck parade in downtown Chillicothe recently/

The parade featured more than 50 new, classic and customized Kenworth Class 8 trucks, including models. Truck drivers from 28 states and Canada traveled to Chillicothe to showcase their trucks. The parade began at dusk, allowing drivers to show off their truck’s light features as they made their way through the historic downtown area of Chillicothe, a city of some 21,000 people about 45 miles south of Columbus.

To support the local community, the Kenworth Chillicothe plant raised money for the United Way of Ross County. During the parade, Kenworth Chillicothe plant employees and members of the United Way of Ross County collected donations.

“Our first Kenworth truck parade here in Chillicothe was a lot of fun," said Jack Schmitt, Kenworth Chillicothe assistant plant manager. "Thanks to all the drivers -- many of whom spent vacation time to travel here to participate and show off their rigs -- for such a great event. Through this parade, we were able to generate a nice donation to United Way of Ross County, which will help support community programs in our local area. We’re already looking forward to next year’s parade in celebration of Kenworth’s 100-year anniversary.”

Leading up to the truck parade, the plant held events at its facility for drivers and their families participating in and attending the parade. Drivers had an opportunity to take a tour of the plant to see where the majority of Kenworth’s Class 8 trucks are built. The plant also hosted a family event on the plant’s property during the day of the parade. 

The Kenworth Chillicothe plant, which opened in 1974, is located on a 120-acre site. The 622,000-square-foot facility recently received two 2022 Manufacturing Leadership Awards from the Manufacturing Leadership Council of the National Association of Manufacturers (NAM). The plant was honored for its Kenworth Paint Facility and Henrob Error Proofing project.

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Here are some of the trucks that were in the parade:

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