Bracketron offers several smartphone mounts

Updated May 6, 2016

Bracketron offers several new devices that use specialized plates to securely mount smartphones in vehicles.

They are available to mount to a vehicle’s windshield, cup holder, dash and its 12V port for charging, and allow drivers keep devices powered and hands free.

H20 Smartphone Cup Holder Mount

To use the Earth Elements mounts, a user adheres the included mounting plate to the back of a device, or just slip it between the phone and its case with no attachment needed. In the car, the phone on your magnetic mount and it will quickly snap in place to remain mounted when you hit the road. The magnets will even work through the case on a smartphone.

The Earth Elements Ti Smartphone Power Dock plugs into a vehicle’s 12V port, and offers two USB ports for dual-charging capability. Its flexible gooseneck design allows the user to position a smartphone at any angle. Support feet keep the phone secure while traveling.

The H20 Smartphone Cup Holder Mount fits into a vehicle’s cup holder and expands to fit different sized cup holders up to 3.75 inches. The mount works with large phones, GPS devices and phones with cases, featuring the support feet to keep a phone securely mounted.

Zn Smartphone Windshield Mount

The Zn Smartphone Windshield Mount attaches to a vehicle’s windshield providing a stable and easily accessible mount attached to the glass. Featuring the same gooseneck design as the Ti Smartphone Power Dock, it can able position a phone vertically, horizontally or any angle for most convenient use.

The Os Smart Pack is a weighted dash mount for smartphones or GPS devices that also doubles as a carrying case and stores in the glove compartment or center console when not in use.

The new Earth Elements magnetic mounts are safe for mobile devices and work with most.

Price:  $34.99 to $49.99.