How superstitious are you? Take this quiz to find out

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Are you a paraskevidekatriaphobe?

Are you someone who fears Friday the 13th?

If so, today is not your day. This is the second of three 13th days of the month that happen to fall on a Friday this year.

Our suggestion is simple: breathe deep and repeat, “This is a day like any other day. Black cats are cute, not evil.,” and have a good, normal, safe and lucky day.

Just carry an extra four-leaf clover if you have one.

Do you have any — or know of any — trucking superstitions? If so, tell us about them in the “Comments” section below.

(Want to know the flip side of paraskevidekatriaphobia? Check out Colgate University in Upstate New York, which makes today almost a holiday.)

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