Music: Rucker shows off his “Southern Style”

Southern Style by Darius Rucker

Darius Rucker, the artist formerly known as Hooty, delivers his fourth country album as this month ends. Homegrown Honey, the lead single from the album, has been getting well-received significant radio airplay since last summer. It reached 13 on Billboard’s country charts. The tour supporting the album launches May 14. $10 on CD.

1. “Homegrown Honey”
2. “Good for a Good Time”
3. “Baby I’m Right” (featuring Mallary Hope)
4. “Southern Style”
5. “High on Life”
6. “Perfect”
7. “You, Me & My Guitar”
8. “Low Country”
9. “Need You More”
10. “Half Full Dixie Cup”
11. “Lighter Up”
12. “You Can Have Charleston”
13. “So I Sang”