Music: Mark Knopfler new double album launches

Mark Knopfler’s new album “Tracker” arrived last week.

Tracker by Mark Knopfler

The many faceted musician that is Mark Knopfler is back with a new solo album; a big new solo album that features 18 cuts. This is the man who, with his brother, created Dire Straits and several major hits like Money for Nothing, Walk of Life and Sultans of Swing. It’s also the man who has scored numerous films (Local Hero, Princess Bride, Wag the Dog) had a more than middling career in country music and is rated one of the top rock guitarists ever to pick up the instrument. Tracker is Knopfler’s ninth solo album and is a showcase for his songwriting and guitar playing. Rolling Stone says of Tracker: “Knopfler’s quicksilver guitar is understated, and he delivers stories of stoic ache like an old watchmaker on a pub stool — quietly riveting.” $15.88 on CD; $12.49 for MP3 download.
Sultans of Swing & Knopfler discussing his vintage Fender Stratocaster