Tell us your story of getting lost, misdirected

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The story goes something like this:

A tractor-trailer crashed into the Boston Common last July. Officials said the driver of the truck, who was from Georgia, was using his GPS when he became lost and ended up on Walnut Street. He called Boston police for an escort down a hill due to concerns over it being steep and narrow. While coming down the street, his brakes gave out. He wound up stuck on a set of steps leading to the Boston Common, the oldest civic park in the U.S. 

Has this ever happened to you?

Not necessarily driving smack into the middle of a major American tourist attraction, but following what the voice on your GPS said and ending up someplace you didn’t wish to be?

Or, maybe it wasn’t your trusty GPS. Maybe Google Maps sent you east when you needed to go west. Or maybe the road map you were reading was out of date and you overshot your destination by miles. Then again, that helpful soul at the truck stop could have given you directions only another local could follow.

Tell us your tales of woe and intrigue about getting turned around, temporarily misdirected or well, just plain lost while driving.

Where’d it happen? How’d it happen? How’d you get back on track? What problems, if any, did it cause? You can even call in and leave a voice message about it.

And, remember these words from the great outdoorsman and traveler, Daniel Boone: “I have never been lost, but I will admit to being confused for several weeks.”

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