The ‘Smokey & The Bandit’ movie that wasn’t

As with most things, and especially movies, remakes and retreads aren’t nearly as good as the original usually.

Such was the case of what many consider the ultimate trucker movie of all time, Smokey & The Bandit. The sequel Smokey & The Bandit II (released 35 years ago this month) was OK, but paled in comparison to the first. And, well, forget about the third in the series.

But, what many folks don’t realize, is that Smokey & The Bandit Part 3 (in which Jerry Reed as Cledus Snow pretends to be The Bandit) could have been worse, and this trailer shows how.

This clip (below) was for a movie (titled Smokey IS The Bandit) in which Jackie Gleason portrays both Sheriff Buford T. Justice AND The Bandit. “I have become my own worst enemy,” he says as his way of finally capturing the real Bandit. Sound confusing? It was so confusing, and tested so poorly that it was never released.