Jewel returns with ‘Picking Up The Pieces’

Country musician Jewel will release her self-produced album “Picking Up The Pieces” on Sept. 11. (Courtesy of Wikimedia Commons)

Country musician Jewel is reassembling her life and putting it in an album ripe with raw emotion and feeling, aptly titled “Picking Up The Pieces.”

The singer-songwriter produced the album herself in Nashville. “Picking Up The Pieces” leaves out overdubs, layering tracks and auto-tuning. Instead, the emphasis is on the singing, lyrics and emotion.

“My focus for this CD was to forget everything I have learned about the music business the last 20 years and get back to what my bones have to say about songs and words and feeling and meaning,” Jewel wrote on her blog. “I let go of genre, radio, trend, current events and clever strategies. I let go of it all — which was no small feat as those voices are so deeply penetrating after 20 years of doing this professionally. It took real effort to clear my thoughts and have no rules and just create.”

Jewel’s “Picking Up The Pieces” is available on Sept. 11. The album is available for pre-order on Jewel’s website.

The complete track list includes:

1. Love Used To Be

2. A Boy Needs A Bike

3. Everything Breaks

4. Family Tree

5. It Doesn’t Hurt Right Now

6. His Pleasure Is My Pain

7. Here When Gone

8. The Shape Of You

9. Plain Jane

10. Pretty Face Fool

11. Nicotine Love

12. Carnivore

13. My Father’s Daughter (Featuring Dolly Parton)

14. Mercy