Brett Eldredge releases new album ‘Illinois’ Sept. 11

Country singer/songwriter Brett Eldredge. (Courtesy of CMT)

Brett Eldredge is back with his second studio album, “Illinois,” which features an adventurous Eldredge experimenting with his style and sound. He co-wrote every track on the album and told Rolling Stone that he “just got in a groove where it was really working.” Eldredge’s “Illinois” is scheduled for release on Sept. 11. The album is available for preorder on iTunes. The complete track list includes:

1. Fire

2. You Can’t Stop Me

3. Lose My Mind

4. Wanna Be That Strong

5. Time Well Spent

6. If You Were My Girl

7. Illinous

8. Just a Taste

9. Drunk On Your Love

10. Lose It All

11. Shadow

12. Going Away For a While