New Music: David Gilmour’s ‘Rattle That Lock’ arriving

David Gilmour, pictured above, releases his album “Rattle That Lock” Sept. 18.

Pink Floyd‘s David Gilmour is back with a new studio album, “Rattle That Lock,” set for release Friday, Sept. 18.

Gilmore, a guitarist, vocalist and songwriter with Pink Floyd, has produced independent work throughout his career, such as his 2006 platinum album “On An Island.” Gilmour balanced his “Rattle That Lock” project with working on Pink Floyd’s “The Endless River” album, the band’s final record released a year ago.

“This one (‘Rattle That Lock’) has been going on for a while,” Gilmour said in an interview with Billboard. “‘The Endless River’ interrupted the making of this album. This album has been slowly snowballing, gathering speed and momentum as it goes along from a very slow, leisurely pace even, eight years ago to now, when it’s been like an avalanche, really.”

David Gilmour’s “Rattle That Lock” is available for preorder on iTunes. The complete track list includes:

1. 5 A.M.

2. Rattle That Lock

3. Faces of Stone

4. A Boat Lies Waiting

5. Dancing Right In Front of Me

6. In Any Tongue

7. Beauty

8. The Girl In the Yellow Dress

9. Today

10. And then…