Podcasts can be good on-the-road entertainment

On-the-road entertainment is an important factor when spending long hours behind the wheel. If you’re in need of a break from music or satellite radio, then it might be time to start listening to podcasts.

Podcasts are “on demand” audio programs that can be downloaded online. Most podcasts focus on a specific subject and many follow a talk-radio format. In fact, many of the most popular podcasts are radio shows that have been made available for downloading.

With thousands of options to choose from, today’s podcast landscape contains shows that cover every interest imaginable , whether it be news, politics, or just some good storytelling. There are even several podcast series devoted specifically to the trucking industry.

We’ve gathered several podcasts that can help fill those long hours on the road.

All of these podcasts are available for free on iTunes, and on Android apps like Podcast Addict and Trucker’s Audio Podcasts.


Its impossible to discuss podcasts with out mentioning Serial, a true-crime program that has been at the center of the recent growth of podcast popularity. In Serial’s first season, host Sarah Koenig re-investigated a mysterious 1999 murder case. This year she’s covering the strange story of Bowe Bergdahl, an American soldier who disappeared behind enemy lines in Afghanistan.

All of Season 1 is available for download, and Season 2 episodes are released every other Thursday.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

This American Life

Always sitting at the top of the charts in Apple’s podcast store, This American Life is the ideal storytelling radio show. Typically divided into three acts revolving around a central theme, the show’s true stories range from sprawling in scope to extremely personal. A recent episode covered the national impact of Frank Sinatra’s life, while another episode gathered stories from customers in a New Jersey diner over the course of 24 hours. New episodes of This American Life are released every Monday.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

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The Trucking Podcast

This is a podcast for truckers, by truckers. The father-son hosting duo, Buck and Don Ballard, use their truck driving backgrounds to explore topics relating to trucking business and regulations. They also spend a lot of time comically discussing their lives and their love for anything with four wheels. The Trucking Podcast’s  casual tone makes episode feel more like a couple fellow drivers sharing funny stories over the CB than a talk show. New episodes are released every Monday.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

Ask the Trucker “LIVE” w/Allen Smith

 Ask the Trucker “LIVE” covers news topics related to the trucking industry and examines them from a driver’s point of view. Host Allen Smith, a trucker himself, researches health, business, and regulation issues and explains them clearly and thoroughly on his weekly show for blogtalkradio.com.  Smith also interviews industry experts, business people, and lawyers in order to form a complete understanding of each story he covers.

While the production quality here is DIY, the content is informative, accurate, and relevant.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

Stuff You Should Know

How do hot air balloons work? How do mosquitos work? Stuff You Should Know is your answer to these and hundreds of other questions.

In this podcast, hosts Charles Bryant and Josh Clark explain the science, logic, and history behind just about everything. And don’t worry, this won’t feel like school. The hosts approach each episode as more of a conversation than a lecture, so it will broaden your knowledge of the world without boring you.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

Trucker Dump

Hosted by veteran driver Todd McCann, Trucker Dump offers a view of life from a truck cab. While McCann touches on relevant trucking industry topics, he also is a storyteller, recounting often self-depreciating tales from life on the road and waxing poetic about the life of a trucker.

McCann knows his stuff when it comes to trucking, and has a couple decades of experience to back it up. But, he never takes himself too seriously and keeps things light-hearted, making Trucker Dump a refreshing way to spend an hour behind the wheel.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

Get-Fit Guy

Staying fit and healthy on the road is a difficult task, especially if you don’t have an exercise plan in place. Hosted by triathlete and fitness expert Ben Greenfield, Get-Fit Guy’s Quick and Dirty Tips to Slim Down and Shape Up makes trucker health a little bit easier. He dishes out plenty of quick and easy exercise and diet tips so that you can put those precious hours spent off the road to good use.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

Around the NFL

Even in the off-season there’s plenty to be talked about in the NFL. Around the NFL tackles all the news surrounding the league from the draft to the regular season, and on through the playoffs. The show is a roundtable discussion with NFL experts and special guests weighing on various topics around the league. New episodes air multiple times a week, so there’s always some quality football talk to catch up on.

Available for free on iPhone here and Android here.

While these podcasts represent some of the top choices both in trucking and general interest, there are many other options out there. For the current podcast fans out there, what are you listening to? Let us know in the comments section below.