Meet TCA Driver of the Year nominee Guy Broderick

Updated Mar 2, 2016

EDITOR’S NOTE: Later this week and early next, members of the Truckload Carriers Association gather at the Wynn Las Vegas Resort for the organization’s 78th annual convention. One of the highlights of the event is announcing the TCA company driver and owner/operator of the year. In the next few days, Truckers News will introduce the three finalists for the company driver of the year award in their own words and those of their colleagues. The contest is conducted by the Truckload Carriers Association, “Overdrive” and “Truckers News”, and sponsored by Cummins and Love’s Travel Stops. The winner receives $25,000.   

  • Driver: Guy Broderick
  • Company: APPS Transport, Mississauga, Ontario, Canada
  • From: Cambridge, Ontario, Canada
  • Age: 48 years old
  • Experience: 20 years with the same carrier
  • Mileage: 3,500,000 kilometers (2,174,997 miles)
  • Type of Driving: Dry van
Guy Broderick

Being nominated for major truck driving awards is nothing new for Guy Broderick, a dry van driver for APPS Transport Group in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada. The 48-year-old driver from Cambridge, Ontario won the Ontario Trucking Association-Volvo Trucking Canada Driver of the Year Award.

On His Career as a Truck Driver

“I started in the trucking industry at the age of eighteen.  I was very fortunate back then to have a great group of mentors who guided me down a career path of which I am very proud.  In addition to promoting safety in the industry through my involvement in several industry groups, training of new drivers through my employment and several publications in industry magazines, I have also walked the talk.  I am proud to say that over the past thirty years I have been able to attain a personal milestone of over three million accident-free kilometers.”

On Improving the Image of the Truck Driver

“A good trucking citizen means demonstrating a passion for community both inside and outside of the trucking industry. I have dedicated a considerable amount of my time helping to improve the typical negative stereotype of truck drivers. I was inspired to do so, when a few years ago I heard a statement, ‘Why would anyone want to be a truck driver?’ It was after that comment I set forth in changing the way drivers are looked at in the industry.  In addition to training new drivers, I became more active in the industry by becoming a member of the Ontario Trucking Association Road Knight Team where I traveled throughout Ontario to promote the industry. I then started to share my opinions and experiences by writing about the industry in one of Canada`s largest trade publications. I have also been a panelist for various engagements talking about the need for proper training in Canada.  This work led me to being asked to sit on industry sponsored committees as well as government appointments with the goal of helping to improve training standards in Ontario while also having input on standards at a national level.

On Deciding to Live a Healthier Life In All Ways

“I have been at an intersection regarding my health for years.  Do I stay at the red light and do nothing until I run out of fuel or do I turn right down the road to good health?  While writing this piece I am reflecting on my personal health over the past 20 years and I look back at the very unhealthy food choices I have made. My daughter is fifteen and now studies health in school. There isn’t a day that goes by where she doesn’t remind me of how much I mean to her and how she wants me to get healthy.

“I am the first one to admit I started to change a few years ago.  Joined the gym at work and I was seeing a change.  (I) started to watch what I ate and exercised more.  After a while I started to go back to the unhealthy ways. Instead of the salad I went back to a burger and fries. When my wife and daughter noticed the decline I again realized I had to start back on the road to a healthy lifestyle. I guess you could say, the clicker is now on again and I am turning right. A new dog has helped with the exercise part.  Owning an Australian Shepherd is a great way to start as an active dog needs an active owner. Keeping the diet in check with the help of a fifteen-year-old has it benefits.  Maintaining the healthy life also means mental health in my opinion. I read and write articles on drivers while maintaining a healthy balance of real rest time and making sure I get the proper amount of sleep.

Robert Macdonald, President & Owner of APPS Transport Group

“In my role as the President and owner of APPS Transport Group, I have come to know Guy as an outstanding member of the APPS family; Guy is a tractor trailer driver who is passionate and takes pride in his job and its safety. He has set great example for drivers in the industry and become a strong voice in the trucking industry.  Guy Broderick is a person who is deeply committed to educating both new and existing drivers on safety and his involvement with the OTA can attest to it

“His commitment for safety, involvement in the industry’s professional associations has led to his many appointments and award such as: Ontario College of Trades Board, Committee Member of National Working Group “Driving for Change”, and OTA-Volvo Trucking Canada Driver of the Year Award. His dedication in educating through the use of social media is one of his most valuable assets and extends beyond his involvement on Health and Safety Committee.”

Richard Prentice, Driver Supervisor Safety & Compliance Manager

“I have known Guy for 15 years and have always been impressed with his commitment to safety and helping drivers improve their skills. He has been a vital part in our driver improvement training and mentoring programs. (He) not only trains drivers but also takes part in evaluating driving skills. He is a certified JHSC member has responsibilities as co-chairman, and also responsible for the monthly safe site inspections.

“(Guy) has made three training DVDs that we use for our on-site training. Which include:

  • Safe operation of a curtain-side trailer
  • How to safely load and secure reels of wire
  • How to safely load bundles of pipe”