Loretta Lynn’s ‘Full Circle’ album her first in 10 years

“Full Circle” album cover (Image Courtesy of Legacy Recordings/Amazon)

Loretta Lynn is as classically country as a musician can be. The 83-year-old icon hasn’t released a new studio album in 10 years, but that changes today, March 4, with the debut of her new record “Full Circle.”

Lynn turned to her personal memories for inspiration for the album, taking listeners through her journey from the folk songs and gospel of her childhood through her journey as a country music superstar.

“I started recording maybe two years ago and just kept going,” Lynn said in an interview with USA Today. “We ended up with 97 songs in the can, so when Sony Legacy called about doing this new album, I said, ‘Y’all come and just pick out the ones you want.” 

“Full Circle”  is available for preorder from Amazon here and iTunes here.

The album track list:

1. Whispering Sea Introduction

2. Whispering Sea

3. Secret Love

4. Who’s Gonna Miss Me?

5. Black Jack David

6. Everybody Wants to Go to Heaven

7. Always on My Mind

8. Wine into Water

9. In the Pines

10. Band of Gold

11. Fist City

12. I Never Will Marry

13. Everything it Takes

14. Lay Me Down