New CD: Iggy Pop releases ‘Post Pop Depression’ March 18

Iggy Pop’s “Post Pop Depression” album cover (Image Courtesy of Amazon)

Singer-songwriter Iggy Pop is set to release a new rock album, “Post Pop Depression,” this month.

Iggy Pop collaborated with Eagles of Death Metal’s founder Josh Homme, who produced the album.

During an appearance on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert, Iggy Pop and Homme told Colbert they recorded the album secretly in the desert at Joshua Tree National Park in California.

“It’s easy to keep a secret when there’s no one there to tell,” Homme said. “It’s lovely because you have a chance to sort of make mistakes and figure things out and find your own path. When you make a record and nobody is aware that you’re doing it, you’re kind of making it for each other. So you’re kind of there to excite and dazzle each other.” 

They recorded the album in about three weeks, and then Homme set to work on production.

Iggy Pop’s “Post Pop Depression” is scheduled for release on March 18. It is available for preorder from Amazon here and iTunes here.

The complete album track list:

1. Break Into Your Heart

2. Gardenia

3. American Valhalla

4. In the Lobby

5. Sunday

6. Vulture

7. German Days

8. Chocolate Drops

9. Paraguay