Sturgill Simpson delivers ‘A Sailor’s Guide to Earth’ concept CD

Cover art of “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth”

It’s hard to pin down Sturgill Simpson, and his new album, “A Sailor’s Guide to Earth,” does little to help those who want to pigeonhole this 37-year-old Kentuckian who got his start in music with a bluegrass band.

This incredibly personal concept album arrives April 15, but it has already gotten plenty of positive notice. Simpson’s third album remains rooted in country. but also has plenty of rock and soul.

“A Sailor’s Guide to Earth” includes just nine tracks and one of them is his take on Nirvana’s “In Bloom.” Here’s why, according to a statement about the album from Simpson:

“I remember in seventh or eighth grade, when that album dropped, it was like a bomb went off in my bedroom. For me, that song has always summed up what it means to be a teenager, and I think it tells a young boy that he can be sensitive and compassionate—he doesn’t have to be tough or cold to be a man. So I wanted to make a very beautiful and pure homage to Kurt.”

The full track list includes:

Welcome to Earth (Pollywog)
Breakers Roar
Keep It Between the Lines
Sea Stories
In Bloom
Brace for Impact (Live a Little)
All Around You
Oh Sarah
Call to Arms