Move over, duct tape; this claims to be way stronger

Put side your duct tape when it comes to fixing the unfixable.

FiberFix is a fiberglass-based repair tape that its maker claims is 100 times stronger than duct tape.

FiberFix tapeFiberFix tape

All you do is dip FiberFix in water, wrap it around whatever you need to fix, and it hardens in about 10 minutes for a permanent repair, according to the company. FiberFix claims to be watertight, sandable, paintable and heat- and cold-resistant.

But there are these cautions:

  • Each roll must be used once opened because even moisture in the air will begin to harden the adhesive, says the company.
  • It also says, “Keep off hands. Wear gloves when handling.”

Each package includes: two rolls of that are 2″ x 50″,  a piece of sandpaper, two vinyl strips, and two pairs of gloves.

Order online for $12.99.