Reminder: ‘Ice Road Truckers’ Episode 2 tonight

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The second episode of Ice Road Truckers arrives at 10 p.m. Eastern and 9 p.m. Central tonight on the History Channel.

When we left the truckers after last week’s season-opening episode of Season 11:

  • Lisa Kelly was on the last leg of a 900-mile trek to Tadoule Lake, her first trip without her business partner, the late Darrell Ward
  • Todd Dewey had a comparatively uneventful run to Oxford House, and picked up a backhaul, doubling his payday
  • Art Burke defied his boss’s orders on a trip to Garden Hill, leaving us to wonder what awaits him when he gets back to Polar HQ
  • Steph Custance reluctantly retrieved a trailer stranded from last season, but not without some drama

But, the highlight of the season-opener was its closing when it was hinted that Ward’s son Reno might follow his father’s tire tracks on the ice roads.