Oversized convoy continues on ‘Ice Road Truckers’ tonight

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When last we saw the men and woman of Ice Road Truckers:

  • Lisa Kelly was shooting the gap of a narrow bridge situated between two 18 percent grades
  • Reno Ward, Darrell’s son, was helping out Polar Enterprises make a large and profitable run
  • Steph Custance limped to her destination with a severely listing load of building materials on a flatbed
  • Art Burke made a touchy lake crossing to Pauingassi and appears to have to do it again on the way home

We have to expect that tonight’s episode will — or should, anyhow — see the conclusion of the great convoy of Kelly, Ward and Polar owner Mark Kohaykewych delivering an oversized prefabricated steel building and accessories. Of course that could raise the question: “Now what? Will Reno stay or will he go?”

Ice Road Truckers airs tonight at 10 Eastern and 9 Central on the History Channel.