Winner of ‘The Voice’ releases country album

The album cover for Craig Wayne Boyd’s “Top Shelf.”The album cover for Craig Wayne Boyd’s “Top Shelf.”

The Voice Season 7 winner Craig Wayne Boyd Friday delivers a full-length album, titled “Top Shelf,” after his win on the show in 2014. After winning, he was given a record deal but negotiated his way out of that contract to pursue a different deal with another label. He’s now signed to Copperline Music Group.

His album combines grit and sophistication, Boyd says.

“I feel like the album itself — it’s got a little bit of the grit, the whiskey, to it, [but] with my wife now being such an important part of my life, she brought a little but of sophistication to me. So it’s a little bit like whiskey and wine, but rather than calling it ‘Whiskey and Wine,’ I felt like, ‘You know what, it’s not the cheap stuff; it’s the top shelf,” Boyd said in an interview with The Boot.

The album is available for preorder from Amazon and iTunes.

The album’s track list:

1. Stuck in My Head

2. Somewhere in There

3. She’s Killing Me

4. Wild Ways

5. We Sweat

6. Everywhere You Go

7. Sweet Temptation

8. Better Together

9. Hold Me Up

10. Only in My Mind

11. Interlude

12. Presence of the Lord

13. Sweet Temptation Mini Jam