LANCO follows hit single ‘Greatest Love Story’ with album

The album cover for LANCO’s “Hallelujah Nights.”The album cover for LANCO’s “Hallelujah Nights.”

LANCO’s hit single “Greatest Love Story,” which made it to the Billboard Hot 100 chart, was just a precursor to the country group’s debut album, “Hallelujah Nights.” The album releases Friday, Jan. 19.

Lead singer Brandon Lancaster said the album takes a new look at old themes.

“We all go through more of the same experiences than we realize and songwriting is a process of observing those moments,” said Lancaster in a press release. “Our stories have different people, different names, different places, but they all have the same emotions attached to them. It’s not fantasy-related. To me, this album is about glorifying the reality of life.”

The album’s track list: 

1. Born to Love You

2. Long Live Tonight

3. Pick You Up

4. Greatest Love Story

5. We Do

6. Troublemaker

7. Singing at the Stars

8. Win You Over

9. So Long (I Do)

10. Middle of the Night

11. Hallelujah Nights